May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

Sweet moments of Blessings

 Well I haven't been as good at keeping this as updated as I had planned, but I guess that can be blamed on the fact the I 've been keeping busy.
 There is always a constant flow of of things to do with so many people even if it means just sitting down and holding a baby or giving a hug to someone that needs it.

 Our days start at 6:00am, usually me and Lauren get breakfast while the girls get ready for school. All the big ones are at school by 7:00.
 After they leave we have two smaller ones that need to get ready for preschool. They are usually out the door at 8:00.
 Me and Lauren spend the morning organizing some part or the other of the house that needs to be seen after. Recently we have also been working on sponsorship cards for the for the school and both orphanages, (If any one wants to sponsor a child let me know an I'll get you connected.) You can also go to the website at
 We try to have lunch ready for the babies by 12:00 so they can be put down for their naps. We then focus on getting lunch ready for the older ones at 1:20pm when they get out of school.
Usually the afternoon is spent on doing random things that need to be done around the house.
 We have a very special lady that comes at 3:00 every afternoon to make dinner for us. She comes every except Saturday and Sunday. She is such a blessing to us. All we have to for dinner is tell her what to make and she makes it and washes all the dishes. We try to eat between 5 and 5:30.
 After dinner the older ones usually do homework and help get all the babies bathed. The babies go to bed at 8:00 and the older ones try to be in bed by 9:00.

My foot is also doing really good. This Sunday I'll be able to start putting weight on it and the Sunday after that I'll be able use only one crutch and the Sunday after that I'll be able to walk away free :)
 Everyone here has been really helpful thoughtful and prayerful, even the babies.
One day I went in the babies room for a while and one of them came up and told me that she wants to pray for my foot. All the others gathered around my foot laying their little hands on my leg. Each one took a turn praying for me, brought tears to my eyes. If only I had the faith that they had. Maybe I can learn from them.
 If they see me when I am sitting down usually one or the other will come up and pull my pant leg or skirt up a bit to see the ouch'chy and touch it ever so softly. Recently they started kissing it so it will feel better :)

I have been able to help in the kitchen quite a  bit. Always with my chair close by. (It is amazing how much I took two legs for granted. One leg just can't hold up for more then 10 minuets without going to sleep. It's not like I can just shift my weight to the other one.) I made breakfast once and lunch a couple times, most times I just help with chopping up vegetables, putting milk in cereal or putting syrup on pancakes or french toast. Usually when I'm in the kitchen I just hop around without my crutches so my hands are free. Kinda hard to cook when both my hands are already full.

The highlight of the baby's day usually is when they get to go outside for a few hours. That come in happy and content their faces smudged with dirt maybe a few dirty bottoms from falling in the mud. I wouldn't care if they were covered from head to toe in mud, the laughter and smiles that come with it are priceless to me. Mud and dirt will wash off.
 The other day I was walking past the babies door and Yelka the littlest one came running up to the door laughing so hard she almost couldn't talk. She was trying to tell me that Ofelia the oldest one was trying to reach something that was almost out of her reach and she tipped over forward. All this was said between fits of giggles and motions of how it happened. She was laughing so hard she was holding her little belly. All I could do was laugh with her. So much innocence.
 Here are a some pictures so you can get an idea see the beautiful life I am surrounded with.
Little Miss Emily

 Yelkita the baby.

Me with Ofelia. She is such a sweetheart. 

 Cecilia playing soccer with the babies.

 Looks like the ball is gonna get Leito :)

 Not sure what she is doing.

 Me and Debonney.

 Love their faces. Trying to get everyone to look at the camera is almost impossible.

 Yorbany doing homework.

 Making Sunday lunch.

 Up an around.

 My little companions.

 Crutches work great for a foot rest.

  Thanks again for hanging with me,

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Rachel S. said...

Hi Mary!
Thanks so much for the update.... I'm glad to hear things are going well! I do pray for you.☺
I hope to write you a nice long email sometime... until then, love you!
Stay close to Jesus!