May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

How did it Happen?

  That is the question everyone is asking me. So here ya go.

I was sitting in the hammock Sunday afternoon reading when I heard the girls out on the soccer feild playing ball. Deciding that sounded fun I went out and joined them.
 After playing for about 15 minuets I was running after the ball and stepped on a wet spot and slipped. I fell on my lower leg with my foot twisted at a funny angle. Imeddiately there was a loud pop and sharp pain went all thru my leg. I knew right away that it was broke so I sent Joely (the oldest girl) to go get Lauren and Charity.
 Leo & Charity took me to the hospital about 40 minuets away. The doctors took me in right away and put me on some strong medication and got some X-rays.  The big bone is seriously dislocated and the small bone is brocken right above the ankle. They tried to set I but it was already to swollen so they wrapped it up real good and told me to come back the following day.
When i got home that night the girls had taped cards all over my room.

This was on my bedroom door from Joely.

 From Joselin

From Luviana

From Solimar

From Cecilia

And from Debonney

This is me :)

 The following day I saw a foot specialist. As soon as he saw the X-rays he said they needed to put a plate in it since it was s close to the ankle and if something didn't stay quite right while it healed I would get a stiff ankle. I would have to stay in bed for 4 weeks without getting around at all. After a weeks I would be able to use my crutches some.
 Talk about a disapointment. I was just going in to get it set and put in a cast, not to be told I was going to have to have surgery.

After leaving the office we were waiting in the waiting room and I was crying from discouragement. Someone from the hospital that knew Leo and Charity came up and asked if everything was ok. Leo explained what had happened and that we were wanting a second opinion, but didn't know how to get hold of the other foot doctor. This guy went to his office and called the other doctor and set up and opointment for that afternoon. I am sure God sent him.

 Dr. Noel was very good at explaining every thing, all the ins and outs of the surgery. I would be able to be up and around from the start and after 4 weeks I would be able to start putting wait on it. His attitude was wonderful as well and very understanding. His price was also about 1/3 the price. We sceduled surgery for Friday afternoon at 1:30.
 I was expecting to experience a lot of first's here but that didn't include my first broken bone. But
God has a better plan then I could ever dream of coming up with. 

Please pray for me as I have surgery. Pray that God would guide the doctors hands. Also pray that I have a speedy recovery and that I would have patience. I am so used to just doing something when I see that it needs to be done and it has already been hard not to.

I got to see a good friend this week; Mike Jones. He has been working in Waspam for three weeks and before he flew out he spent a day and a half here in El Curcero. It is always good to see him.

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Rachel S. said...

Oh Mary, what can I say? I love you.... your faith is encouraging... I'm praying for you... God is obviously using you.... I'm sorry for your pain...

Please keep us all updated. I do love you and I am praying!