May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13


"Missionary Medicine Intensive" What more needs to be said, It was very intensive, very educational an I enjoyed immensely.
 After living in Krinkrin almost a year me and Eva really felt the need to get more education on medical. The need is so great and there is no hospital close enough to help in emergencies. After a couple month of living there we realized that this was going to be a huge part of what we do and none of us have any training. 
 After hearing about MMI in March, I felt God telling me that this was a door he opened for us to walk through. Of course I immediately started looking into it but soon came to the realization that I didn't have enough money to pay for the school much less the plane ticket to get there.
 After much prayer we signed up and put half down for the school "in faith". My faith got stretched after a couple month of not getting any closer to finish paying for the school and for plane tickets. I starting wondering if this was actually was God or if it was something that I had wanted to do so bad that I hadn't heard clearly. 
 About a month and a half before we needed to fly to the States I came down river in mind that if things didn't line up and the money wasn't there for us to go then we would just leave it as it was and not go.
 After making a few phone calls when I came down I was completely blown away. I was told that the school was paid in full and that the money was in my account to buy plane tickets day.
 Yes my faith had faltered and I hadn't trusted God as I should have but he still took my weak faith and helped me in my unbelief. He and amazing God!!!!!! He loves me and cares enough for me to pick me up and take me to the next level. 

Many hours spent pouring over these books.

 My wonderful sister giving it her all.

Getting to practice the long roll.

Practicing suturing.

Poor Eva :( 

We got a lot of  hands on experience.

With our broken arms :)

Our wonderful an amazing teacher. He is a huge
blessing and has helped me so much!!!!
 God let us spend time with some very inspiring people. It was so wonderful meeting each of you and getting to know just a little bit of what God is doing in your lives. I am praying for each you and the mission that God has given you.
 Ya'll have encouraged me more then you can imagine. It was a wonderful honor to be in your class.
I miss each of you Hushpuppies :)
Dear friends.

Another wonderful an encouraging friend.

The Darrow Family has encouraged us greatly and have become
very dear to us.

More beautiful friends.

God has blessed me with so many Godly friends :)

Our class. Each of you have inspired me and encouraged
me in many different ways. May God Bless You!!!!

Eva and I with our completion certificates. 

Here are all the different languages that our class will be working with.
Each one says Thank you to our teacher in their own language.
I want to tell each person that has prayed for and given for this a huge THANK YOU!!!! You guys are the ones who have made this possible. We had way more than enough money for the school and travel expense.
Because of your support many people will be reached through medical help. Many more will come to know our wonderful savior because we will now be able to be much more effective in reaching our community and the people of the river. Thank you for your service to God and His people. Blessings,,,,,
 Your sister in Christ,


Last week a young man named Steven died in our community, from what we think is Dengue leaving Mijila his wife to be a 17 year old widow with their one year old son Jon.
My heart is broken for this young girl, barely old enough to be wife and mother and is now widowed at 17.
What can I say to her, words are meaningless. No amount of words can heal her heart. All I have managed to do so far is sit and hold her as we cry together.
Seeing her sit on the ground and cry as they buried her husband tore my heart. All I can do is ask God to be her comforter.
Now their son asks his mom daily "where is daddy"? She just holds him and she cries for how can she explain to him that daddy will never come back. The man they both loved and respected is gone. As Jon grows up he won’t remember that his dad would play with him for hours on their porch or carry him on his shoulders and take him with him wherever he went. All he will know is what his mom will tell him.

They are living with her parents right now so she has someone to take care of and provide for them, but please pray that God will heal her heart, that she would lean on Him and that through this she would draw close Him.

This is Mijila with Jon a couple month ago. Please pray for them.